Friday, May 06, 2005

Sometime last summer my husband picked up some cloth transfer stuff, it's cotton with a stiff backing you can run it through a printer and print off a scanned image. I tried it out with some scans of my old children's books, it really works well. It is not colorfast, so I tried spraying Scotch Guard on it (is there an off brand, or do they still have a monopoly? Because that stuff is pricey).

Here is one of the pieces, it's from an old children's book called Children of Foreign Lands:

I am trying to find some cheaper alternatives to buying the stuff. I have heard you can get similar results with freezer paper --which you should note is not the same as wax paper, freezer wrap is plastic coated. You iron the freezer wrap onto muslin, which makes it stiff enough to feed through the printer, then peel off the paper. Bitter-Girl said she was getting good results just carefully feeding muslin through the printer, but my cheap ass printer just jammed. Then it occurred to me--fusible webbing. Which would have the added advantage of then making the cloth iron-on. Will post results tomorrow.

One of the images I would love to use is from one of my favorite childhood books.

I would love to have a purse with her on it. I was thinking she would look nice on the Monk's Satchel, but that is going to take forever, given my going rate of finished projects, and I want a Dorrie purse now


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