Sunday, May 08, 2005

I worked a small craft fair today, at a local coffee and beer cafe, Bela Dubby. I did pretty well--sold 3 felt monsters, 2 pairs of boots and a pillow. Netted 70.00 after a 25% commision to Bela Dubby and a small donation to my StitchnBitch group, who helped secure the table and run the sale. Pretty happy, but in mulling it over, am realizing once again what a position of privilege I hold that this was worthwhile. I price my items rather low--I try to limit knitted boots to 1 skein of yarn, so price them at 18.00. Monsters ranged from 15.00 to 25.00. The pillows--patchwork, with scanned cloth transfers from vintage books--were 15.00. It's hard for me to put a price on my time, because anything that I can do while I am around my kids is something I don't have to hire childcare for. And something I am knitting while watching television, that's pretty much free time. So, if I can profit after I accounted for materials, that's pretty good. And then working the booth--I went out at 5:00, stayed until 11:00. What's that time worth? Considering most of the time I was sitting at a table, knitting and drinking beer I would have to conclude that I got paid to have a night out. Pretty good. But what if I had to hire childcare? I would have barely made enough to pay a babysitter and break even on costs for my items. I am fortunate that I have a husband willing to stay with the kids--and I see why this sort of gig is something mostly single folks do. I really had nothing better to do today, and I had someone to watch the girls, so it really worked out well that on top of it I made 70.00. But I do see how it would be monumentally hard and close to impossible to make a living doing this.


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