Friday, February 17, 2006

Windy Night

The wind is really blowing fiercely tonight. We live in a rather ramshackle Victorian, and the windows are rattling in an intimidating fashion. Most times I love the big trees on the treelawn, but right now I am sort of worrying about them coming through the windows.

Ivy fell asleep early tonight, and woke up with a stomach ache, she's okay now but both of them are watching Hamtaro movies. Hoping to get to bed before 2AM.

I tried to make some little shoes like these

Baby Shoes

but the results were disappointing. I tried to make my own pattern, and the shoes are lopsided and just rather clumsy looking. Sometimes I think things will be very easy and I can just do it on my own rather than buying a book. I think it would have helped if I had used interfacing, I have an issue with interfacing in that because much of my sewing knowledge is self-taught, I never really learned to use it. I do have some somewhere. Probably lots of it, because it's so cheap when I really think I need it I just buy more. I should look for it, but it would probably be easier to just continue buying it.


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