Sunday, January 29, 2006

This is my latest Japanese crafting book

I am a bit disappointed in it. Most of the book is photos of the cat in different poses. There is a chart to make the cat in different sizes, as well as some accessories such as a futon, a fish and a giant squid--I am not sure what that is supposed to be for. But Miranda has already requested a cat, so I am making one for her out of some soft pink cotton thread. I have a bad habit of ripping off the labels, so I don't know what it is. Something Bernat I think.

I have been drinking more tea and now that we don't have a microwave, I wanted to buy a tea kettle. This one was really cheap at the Chinese market and I rather like it. It looks like something you would hang over an open fire. Not sure why that appeals to me, but it does

My house always seems to look more interesting in photos.

Leftover rice made into onigiri for a late night snack. Some have green tea (not sure how I like that), and some have furikake rice seasoning. I used basmati rice this time, which seems to work just as well as the Japanese short grain rice that is traditionally used.


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