Friday, May 13, 2005

I love the children's clothing at this website:

Vintage Echoes

I need to learn a little more about drafting patterns. I can sew fairly well, but I don't know a lot of technical things, so I have problems with things puckering or bunching. I made Miranda a dress from some old chenille for the bodice, lined with cotton calico, and a skirt from hobnail chenille and it just doesn't look right. It could be that the bodice is too long, I think it creates a poor balance. I didn't want to redo it, but I think it might look better if I did.

I kind of like what this website is doing with simple, comfortable clothing

Dragon Rags

but I would like it better if they weren't trying to pose the children so much, it does show how the clothing moves, which is great, but I am finding it a little distracting, along with the silly special effects as you move around the different pages.

I went to visit my sister today and her daughter was wearing a lovely dress with a knitted bodice and a cotton cloth skirt, the bodice was decorated with crocheted flowers. I tried to find a similar dress online, the best example I could find was this:

It's not quite the same, and I am torn between how I feel about how the crochet looks. I had already started about 6 rows of seed stitch, but am not very happy with that either. And if I had a crochet project, I could join my fellow stitchnbitchers, as May has been decreed crochet project month and I have been one of the lone dissidents still flashing my needles.


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