Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, using muslin and fusible webbing to create iron-on transfers worked well, after a bit of trial and error. I ironed the webbing to the muslin, then cut it into pieces that would fit the printer. It fed through with no problem. When I started to iron it onto the fabric, the print of the fabric I was using as a base showed through the muslin. So I ironed it onto a second piece of muslin, planning to just sew it onto the fabric. The problem was I got the ultra hold webbing, which is impossible to sew through--the needle can penetrate it, but it gums up the needle and causes the thread to snap. After much creative cursing, I abandoned that particular transer. The other two I hadn't yet trimmed the second piece of muslin, so could use that to sew it to the fabric. That worked well. This is a lousy scan:

My Mother's Day gift was a new camera, so am hoping to be able to post real pictures soon.


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