Thursday, July 21, 2005

I really want to get started on a sock monkey for July's Month of Softies, but I am convinced he must have stripey legs and the thrift shops have been letting me down. Guess I will have to go buy a new pair of socks somewhere.

It's so hot I don't want to do any sort of crafting. My nephew has a birthday in another week--I suppose it would be a nice gesture to actually make him something. I am also thinking I should get started on any sweaters I want to make for Fall, just so they are actually completed--and maybe finally finish the Fair Isle sweater I made for Ivy last Winter. I have a beautiful tweedy yarn from a sweater I unraveled, I would like to make a cardigan but can't decide if I want it to have a collar or a hood. I also have some teal mohair that would make a nice wrap for me, but I am undecided, partly because I am too lazy to make things for myself, it's much easier and quicker to make things for the girls. And maybe a hooded sweater for Miranda. I have an assortment of pink yarns, am wondering about making one with all different kinds. I think it would be cool. Probably should get them on the needles, that always motivates me a bit, just getting things started.

I started clearing out my back room, and threw away some fabric that I really didn't need, just scrap bits, and then today I started thinking about things I could do with the fabric so I went and rescued some of it. This is why I am drowning in craft supplies and have duplicates of things because I can't remember what I have, and keep buying more for the same reason.


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