Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is my dining room table.

We don't eat dinner together very much. The girls have a little table, as well as trays for the living room. Brian usually eats there as well, and I eat at my desk. This is going to dissolve our family solidarity, I am sure.

These are wooden boxes I have been decorating. One is using an old copy of The Velvet Room, one is using Joss paper, and one has Loteria cards, a prayer card for La Virgen de Guadeloupe, sequins and a milagro.

Miranda's dragon wings for the Medieval Faire. Constructed with coat hanger wire, green velvet from a thrifted dress, and silk. I painted the silk with dye and gold acrylic paint, and weighted the ends with beads. They don't hang quite right, I need to play with the apparatus a bit more.

more slippers and boots to be felted for the website/craft shows.


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