Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lunch Queen

I've started watching a new dorama, Lunch Queen. Delicious Japanese meals are a central focus of the show, and I am so hungry everytime I watch it. In particular, the restaurant is known for it's demiglace, and there is usually a shot at some point of dad stirring the large pot with thoughtful contemplation. Now I want try and make demiglace. I found a recipe here that seems fairly easy. I just need to get some beef bones at the grocery store--which sometimes can be hard to find, I've had better luck with the inner city grocery stores rather than the suburban ones.

I've been working on some more little jackets for my Etsy shop. I'm using one of my Japanese books to make jinbei, a sort of kimono top that ties at the top. Similar to the baby ones I was making, but these have a set in sleeve.

dragonfly embroidery on back

This jacket is called a chanchanko, I got the pattern from this book
Making Kimono & Japanese Clothes (which I need to get back to the library, it's overdue...)

I'm thinking about moving my blog somewhere else. I'd really like to be able to respond to people's comments through email, and blogger doesn't offer such a feature. However, I am lazy about changing, so we'll see.


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