Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank you and Welcome!

Thank you for all the nice comments about our new house. We are really enjoying living here. I also want to welcome the new readers to my blog--thanks for stopping by! It's always so heartening to see the proof that people are actually reading what I write.

We had a bit of excitement this weekend. I mentioned in the last post trying to get to the library, we made it out of the house and got home around 6 PM to a street full of firetrucks and police cars. One of the firemen told Brian they were asking people to voluntarily evacuate. Brian asked if there was a problem with a gasline (I guess there had been a fire in a house the street over the day before, and he thought maybe there was some issue with gas). The guy told him "yeah, something like that"

So we went out to eat and were going to head back home and see if everything was okay, when we heard a story on the radion news--stand-off continues in Lakewood, SWAT team on the spot, guy holed up in his house with a propane tank threatening to explode it. A little bit different from what we thought was the initial problem.

So, we hung out in a few stores, but by 10PM news reports still said there was no change in the situation. Brian's dad said we could come by and stay the night. So we drove over there and I actually had some quiet time to read my library books.

By morning everything was fine, apparently the police were able to get him out with tear gas:
Story here

Scary, but still impressive the way Lakewood responded to the emergency. Anyone who didn't have a place to go was put up at the high school, the city provided cots and food. Could have been one way to meet our neighbors, I guess.


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