Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hello Kitty!

Here is Hello Kitty in her new finery. I made a matching bow--she's a Buildabear Kitty and has a velcro by her left ear so her bows can be changed

You can see the bunchiness at the shoulders. I did a deep tuck on each side across the shoulder, this is how the kimono's in my children's books were sewn--maybe so they could be worn for a few years, letting out the tuck?

Ivy instructed me to leave a hole for her tail. I just tied a plain bow for the obi, I contemplated some sort of velcro construction with a pre-tied bow but decided Ivy wouldn't know the difference and it might be best not to get too complicated. She was very happy with the outfit. I have her kimono cut out, just need to sew it up. I've been getting a lot done this week, the downside is we haven't left the house except for a post office trip on Thursday. Think we'll head up to the library in a bit.


At 5:55 PM, January 20, 2007, Blogger Melinda said...

It looks adorable.

At 12:37 AM, January 27, 2007, Blogger obachan said...

Oh, so cute! You did a fantastic job. Leaving a hole for her tail was a brilliant idea ;)


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