Thursday, February 22, 2007

Phone Phobia

I have a tendency to think that some of my quirks are experienced to a far greater degree than most people. For instance, I hate using the phone. Talking on it isn't so bad, although I will avoid that if I can. Making phone calls, however, can send me into such fits of anxiety that I put them off forever, sometimes just emailing people or coercing my husband into making the calls. I tell people about my phone phobia and let them know that in all likelihood it may be impossible to reach me by phone.

I read this post recently: tips for making phone calls and realized maybe there isn't anything special or bizarre about my phone phobia, that apparently many people experience anxiety over phone calls and just aren't unable to avoid the phone to the degree that I do. So, following her tips, I sat down today and made dentist appointments for the girls--which I have done before, but it still gives me fits of anxiety, and I still put it off--and called the eye doctor to see about ordering new frames.

The biggest accomplishment of the day may not seem like much--but it was. Two years ago I transfered the balance of one of my credit cards over to another one with a lower interest rate. I now had a zero balance on the Capital One card, but I still needed to close the account since I payed a yearly membership. Which I put off and put off until I got charged the membership fee. And I moaned and berated myself and paid the fee--and then put it off again, until last Spring I got charged again because I waited so long and not only that, forgot to pay it so was charged a late fee on top of the original fee. Talk about a Stupidity Fine.

That was back in June. Finally, I was congratulating myself on making the other calls when I remembered the credit card. Called them up and in less than five minutes the account was cancelled. It was pretty stupid of me to let it drag on so long but I am feeling pretty overjoyed and relieved that I finally took care of the darn thing.


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