Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today was warm enough to open windows. Well, that may have been a bit ambitious, but the fresh air certainly felt nice. And there was that cold muddy smell that means Spring may not be far off. Later in the day it started pouring rain, which means all the snow is a gray muddy mess right now. It's probably going to get cold again tomorrow, but the hope of better days is here 8-).

I accomplished some rather trivial tasks today, but they were ones I wasn't looking forward to so it felt good. We took Miranda's cat Bella to the vet--just a check-up, but she had also somehow chipped her upper left canine. It isn't exposing any root, so the vet said no worries and she's healthy--I didn't have any real concerns, but it was good to have her health confirmed. I also took a package to the post office that should have been mailed last week, and had to go to the downtown branch since the one by me was so crowded there was no parking. Downtown was crowded as well but the girls were well behaved and the line moved quickly. I also squeezed in a trip to the Chinatown grocery store--I've been craving leafy greens. We've been using mostly frozen vegetables the past few weeks and those never taste quite as good to me. And it was a bonus for me that the grocery store got new registers that print out exactly what you bought--before the receipt just read "produce"--so now I have the proper names--shanghai cabbage, tong ho and yu choy-- for the produce I bought and can look up recipes.

I followed through with my vow to complete several projects with the fabric I bought the last time Joann's had a big sale and rewarded myself with another trip (actually, I got the coupons in an email, thought "I must go to Joann's this weekend" and it was only after leaving the store with my bag of fabric that I remembered I wasn't going to buy anymore, and then recalled that I did complete the kimono for Ivy and Hello Kitty, as well as completing two jackets and four jinbei. So clearly I deserved more fabric)


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