Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I started working on the crochet dress with fabric skirt for Ivy. It would go much better if I would actually write my patterns down instead of trying to figure them out from what I have already done. This can work fairly well with knitting since lately I only use size 8 needles, but with the crochet bodice it took three tries before I could figure out which size hook I had used for the front.

My dyes arrived from Dharma, so now I need to find time when I won't fumigate the family or put Ivy in danger of inadvertantly ingesting dyes (Miranda is pretty much past the whole put things in your mouth stage). I like the clothing at Laughing Bear, since this will be my first attempt at batik I don't want to do anything too complicated. I really like their simple designs. I want do a dragon for Miranda, star and moons for Ivy. I have no idea what to do for my dresses, but there isn't any sense of urgency with mine--I am always going to fit into mine, but the girls will grow, so I need to do theirs now.


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