Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crazy Crayons

Today we made crazy crayons. Well, I made them because the paper was really hard to get off the crayons and the girls were getting frustrated. I was using a razor blade to slit the paper and Ivy was annoyed she couldn't use it as well. It's a fairly simple task, you just gather up broken crayons, break them up into muffin cups and melt in the oven for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees (according to Martha Stewart, whose website I just checked, the correct temperature is 150 degrees) I should have checked the website earlier for the additional advice on placing the muffin tin in the freezer so the crayons pop out. I just pried mine out with a knife. Unfortunately, there is no clean up advice given, so I may have to get a new muffin tin, or else future cupcake batches may taste a little waxy.

Here they are cooling off. I was getting lazy and threw in some fat crayon pieces, which didn't melt very well.

I need to really check through my patterns, I have doubles of a number of things because I forget I already had them. I also have a really bad habit of not putting the tissue pieces back into the envelope, which makes it difficult if I ever want to use the pattern again. I did rediscover these great vintage patterns that I should use someday.

Finished the little baby bags, now I need to get them up on my Etsy site. They turned out pretty cute.


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