Tuesday, February 21, 2006


When I was in junior high, I used to read the fashion and beauty books over and over. Most of the books on the shelves were pretty outdated, there was one that I think was written by a woman who owned a shop. She told a story of having some items in the window created from paisley piano shawls, a woman stopped in because she admired them and mentioned she had a similar piano shawl at home. The author invited her to bring it in and have it created into something wonderful and the woman demurred, because she couldn't possibly cut up such a lovely item, and walked out, dooming herself to sensible safe clothing forever. I wasn't even sure what a piano shawl was, but apparently it would transform someone in a marvelous fashion. Unfortunately we didn't have any such items tucked away at home, so I was doomed to sensible clothing from the JCPenney catalog.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to find four whole saris at a local thrift shop, for something like 2.25 each. It was an amazing discovery, and I remember tucking them into the shopping basket with a bit of awe. Three became curtains for the living room, the leftover pieces were turned into a rather sheer pair of harem pants (which I never wear, because they are well, sheer). I still have one whole one left, it's maroon and green with gold embroidery. It's not as sheer as the other ones, and would make a great pair of pants, but then I would have to cut it up. I am never going to wear a sari anywhere, there is no reason to keep it, but I like owning it. On the other hand, it sits in one of my fabric boxes. I still am undecided. It seems such a shame to take scissors to it, but hoarding it is rather a shame as well. If it weren't for the fact that it is the last whole one, I probably wouldn't care. And really, the fact that I found four was remarkable. Ah, what to do. I really could use a pair of fancy pants.

This is so magnificently 1970's, but I really loved this when I saw it as a kid, even though I was already a bit too old for Puff the Magic Dragon. Although the one I really loved was Puff in the Land of the Living Lies.

Puff The Magic Dragon

Edited to correct the link, it would probably be more fun if you could actually watch the video I was trying to show.


At 7:36 PM, February 21, 2006, Anonymous pella said...

i can empathize. i have a beautiful gold and peach sari that lives in my bedroom. i have no idea what to do with it, i'll never wear it, i just like to have it. i think it's the desire to own "pretty things"


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