Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hedgehog dress

New dress for my Etsy shop. Linen bodice lined with calico, calico skirt

Detail of the embroidery

Available Here

I was reminded of a funny story tonight. Coming home from Niagara Falls, we got a bit turned around in Buffalo, in a not-so-great neighborhood. We turned down a side street, and then turned again. Right on the corner was a house with a bunch of teenagers on the porch, one of them yelled something at us as we drove by. Probably something rude, I thought, especially since we were driving a shiny expensive (rental) SUV. Teenagers. I am mulling this over in my head as Brian continues up the street when I notice the signs and suddenly it all makes sense. "Wrong way! He was yelling wrong way! Pull over!


At 9:03 PM, June 14, 2007, Anonymous Felicia said...

So pretty. I love that little hedgehog detailing :)

At 11:03 AM, July 25, 2007, Blogger little dresses said...

Cute as pie!


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