Friday, May 25, 2007

Soulemama's lovely coasters gave me the idea for this wedding shower gift for my cousin. I showed them to my husband who said "fabric? for coasters...?" And I guess they aren't really practical, but I do like how they turned out. The placemats--look at the wavy edge! And I actually redid them after pressing them the first time and getting a bit dizzy looking at the edges. It really would help if I could sew and or cut a straight line...Artistic! I didn't intend for the edge to actually be straight

Ivy cannot resist being a ham for pictures, so this isn't the best photo of this outfit, but it's a pretty cute one of her. She's supposed to be Basil of Baker Street. The pattern for the top is from ISBN 4579107802 , I added the ruffle at the bottom. The shorts are actually from last year, but they kind of matched the outfit and I added a bit of bias trim in the same stripe around the neckline.

We are headed out to Niagara Falls tomorrow. This was not my choice for a vacation, but it has been decided that a side trip to Toronto, to visit a Japanese mall as well as North America's largest indoor Asian mall could be managed on Sunday. So with the promise of Japanese magazines and Asian sundries I have been placated, stopped sulking and am now actually looking forward to the trip. I may even be able to summon some enthusiasm for the kitschy touristy crap. But first, I need to actually get my daughters to sleep. Ivy went to bed around 9:30, but woke up at 1AM, and now she and Miranda are both wide awake. At least I am not the one driving...


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