Thursday, May 19, 2005

The crocheted bodice for Ivy's dress is about done, I just want to do a few more flowers and probably crochet an edging around the neck and sleeves. I fear it may be a little big--she has very narrow shoulders. I think I am also going to thread ribbon along the bottom

This is the fabric for the skirt. Maybe I will make bloomers as well, I love bloomers with dresses.

This is a jacket I made for Ivy, I used a denim jacket I found at the thrift shop and knit a color from recycled silk yarn. The appliques are from sari fabric. I made a similar one for Miranda, but she didn't want any appliques so hers just has the collar.

I have a pile of sewing projects on the dining room table that just need a few finishing touches--three pairs of bloomers that need elastic, a dress and top that need buttons, a hat that needs to be pressed and have a finishing seam run around the brim. I have a dress for Miranda that I would like to have done by Sunday, we shall see, especially since I think I am going to crochet for the rest of tonight, since I already have a new project in mind--a seat for a little folding chair of Ivy's.


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