Tuesday, September 06, 2005

wow, it's been over a month since I updated. Working on hooded sweaters for each of the girls--it's a good thing I started them back at the beginning of August, as they seem to be taking forever. I tried to do the sleeves on Ivy's by picking up stitches on the body, after having to rip it out twice, I am just going to follow the pattern and do them starting with the cuff first. I am using a lovely tweedy yarn in shades of mossy green from a sweater I unravled. Miranda's is shades of pink in a sort of chenille. It's on size 15 needles so you would think it would go quickly. Maybe now that the weather is turning cool I will feel more motivated.

I never really cared for any of the armwarmers I saw last winter, but I like these


I think I would like to make this doll

It's from a 1980's magazine, but I think she has a sort of 1960's mod look.


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