Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shrinky Dinks and More Fabric

This website explains how to make Shrinky Dinks from a Number 6 Recyclable plastic container, along with a brief science lesson.

I treated myself to some stationary at this place
under the guise that it's for the girls. I have started thinking phrases such as at my age, as in "it's silly to buy cute stationary at my age" which is stupid and who really cares. But it still enters my mind and it worries me. Not the fact that I am at my age but that I worry about it. Although the fact that I am even buying cute stationary is completely out of character for me anyway and something I would never have done back when I was twenty. For some reason I find Japanese cute much less vomit-inducing than American cute. Precious Moments--gag. Anthropomorphic rice balls spouting Japanese phrases--obsession.

crayons and a sketchbook. I was hoping the crayons would have the colors in Japanese--not sure why, since the girls don't even know kana yet. Still, they are nice crayons, with bright colors. The sketchbook is okay, I should have paid better attention to how many pages were in it, there aren't that many. But it's bigger than I thought, which was nice.

Kappa Maki, happy onigiri--these would make great stuffies-- and dancing vegetables

Nyan Nyanko, free bandaids and some stamp pens which Ivy rolled all over her face.

Lately the thrift store has been netting some nice fabric. They have some sort of arbitrary pricing system apparently based on the whims of whoever is workings, so I got the following pieces at 1.00, .50 and a quarter.

The green is lovely, but very sheer. I'd like to make a dress for Ivy, but I would need to line it with something. Or maybe a skirt for me, I haven't made myself any clothes in a while.


At 9:45 AM, March 07, 2006, Anonymous Amanda said...

Thanks for the DoScience link, I'm on the lookout now for #6 plastic to try this!


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