Monday, May 08, 2006

Aranzi Aronzo

I treated myself to a few things from Aranzi Aronzo It turned into a rather extravagant treat, as I made the purchase late at night, didn't read the fine print carefully, and ended up paying for express shipping from Japan, which was almost as much as what I bought. Still, it was a bit nice to get my stuff less than a week after I ordered it. However, next time I am going for the cheap shipping.

I bought little containers for snacks--monkey, cat and Kapppa

as well as fabric in the same monkey, cat, kappa theme

The kappa is a mythological creature in Japan. He lives in rivers and loves cucumbers. Long ago he was a more frightening creature used to warn children to stay away from rivers, where they might drown--legend had it the kappa would pull your liver out your anus (which my seven-year-old delights in explaining to people). Nowadays, he is a little more benevolent.

I am not sure what I am going to do with the fabric, but I feel I need to so something soon to justify the purchase. There is only a meter of each. Miranda wanted me to make a stuffed toy, but I politely informed her that since this fabric was a bit of a present to myself, I got to choose the use. So I probably should come up with something.

The monkey fabric in this quilt looks similar to the fabric I made Ivy's birthday dress out of, but I don't think I have any leftovers. I wonder if the kappa or cat fabric would work. That quilt square is wonderful, it looks as though he is sitting in a window. I am not sure about my ambitions with regards to an entire quilt, but as a block on the yoke of a jumper, I think it would be cool.

A fabulous assortment of free patterns. They are in Japanese, but seem pretty easy to figure out.


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