Thursday, September 14, 2006


I bought this wonderful poppy print fabric at a local thrift shop and intended to make a child's kimono top out of it.

I already had it cut out and was pinning it together to sew when I noticed there is a small pinprick spot of a few pulled threads-- you can see it at the top of the one leaf.

I'm rather annoyed. If it were for personal use I would go ahead and sew it, but I was going to put it in my Etsy shop and now I am afraid it will fray and turn into a larger hole. It's too small for Miranda and too large for Ivy. I am going to put it aside and see if I can think up some sort of embroidery or applique to cover it up. This particular thrift still uses staples to attach the price tags, and not just one, they use 4 or 5 so people can't remove them. I don't buy tshirts from them because it's so hard to remove the price tag without a few small holes. I thought I had removed this one carefully, but I guess not. It's a profitable store, there are four of them in the area and they have been around since the mid-eighties, I don't know why they don't invest in a price-tag thingy.


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