Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Aside from the X-Files and occasional episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Law and Order, I've watched very little American television in the past few years (I'm not counting the endless episodes of Little Bear Ivy makes me watch with her. But about a year ago when I first started studying Japanese, I got hooked on doramas. Doramas are Japanese television shows, the word comes from drama but they aren't always serious, often they are comedies. Romance and high school stories seem to be the most popular, but there are the occasional mystery/suspense ones which I like best. Trick is my absolute favorite, a sort of cross between the X-Files and Twin Peaks, with a lot more humor. I also really enjoyed Midnight Rain, A Million Stars Fall From the Sky and Teru Teru Ashita. I just finished watching Yasha and just started One Missed Call, which I think might end up being a bit silly rather than horror.

One big difference between American television and doramas is that only a certain number of episodes are created, so there is a definite end to the story. American television will keep the series going until it is no longer possible. Resolutions in doramas are much clearer, although occasionally sad. It surprised me that sometimes main characters will die at the end. Another feature of the doramas seems to be giant leaps of faith. You are often supposed to accept major coincidences. People are connected to each other in incredible ways. Still, it's an entertaining way to practice my japanese. I used to download them at D-Addicts.com, but now I usually find them at Aznv.tv. There is a small selection of anime, drama and movies available for free, but for 5.00 USD you can purchase 30 hours of streaming video and they really have a great selection, almost all of which is subtitled (I could not watch any of these without subtitles, my japanese is nowhere near good enough). I've also found some stuff at Youtube.com, that's where I am watching One Missed Call. As soon as the girls settle down I am changing into pajamas and settling down with a cold beer.


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