Monday, April 30, 2007

Cat and Bunny and New Spring Clothes

Cat and Bunny from ISBN 4579107802. The pattern in the book is just for the bunny, I adapted it for the cat. The doll is something I've been working on for a while, and I am not quite satisfied. I thought using embroidery floss would make nice silky hair, but instead it's very messy and raveling on the ends. I stole her clothes from Ivy's bunny, who got to wear on old pinafore from the doll clothes bin. I do really like working with linen to make toys, I hope I get lucky and find some more in the remnant bin. I also should check out the thrift shop--I am sure there would be plenty of cloth in a linen dress or skirt.

Dress, also from ISBN 4579107802. Isn't this lovely? I really am glad how the pattern turned out. I found the fabric at the thrift shop several years ago--I have the vaguest memory of having an Easter dress when I was about Ivy's age made of similar fabric. It's a synthetic, and I almost didn't make the dress because I prefer cotton fabrics. But it drapes so nicely I am glad I finished it.

Hooded jacket from ISBN 457911132X. The pattern pieces for this had the hood and front part all as one piece, which was a little tricky to fit together with the back. I love the fabric--I went back to Joann's thinking if they had more I would make a skirt, but there was none left.
Miranda took this picture, you can see she takes better ones than I do--look how sharp the detail has. I'll have to ask her to explain her technique.

Oh! and we figured out the mystery flowering tree in the front yard. Thank you for the magnolia suggestions--it is indeed a Star Magnolia


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