Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rainy Day

Bah, summer cold. Yesterday I was achy, today I feel shaky and emotional. Anyone else cry easily when you have a cold? It's gray and damp today, which is perfect. Sometimes I find it offensive that the sun is shining so brightly, it's as if it's mocking me for wanting to be a lump for the day.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees--ridiculous! There is a little soft serve ice-cream place not too far from us, one of the walk-up type so just recently I noticed the boards were off the window and menus were up. I had to go to the post office so told the girls afterwards we would get ice cream. Not too terribly long a walk--5 blocks to the post office, and then maybe another 5 blocks to ice cream. But man, it was hot. And Miranda really doesn't like walking. So I was urging her along saying "think how good that cold ice cream will taste!" "won't it taste so much better since we had to walk there to get it!" And then we got there and it was closed. Geez. They were so upset. So we went home and had milkshakes but it wasn't quite the same.

To do list:
1. Get all the stuffed animals out of my bedroom. It's one thing to want to cover your own bed in stuffed animals, but I would like a bit of room to sleep.
2. Mop kitchen floor.
3. Laundry
4. Mend all the stuffed animals lying around my sewing machine. Each one just has a short split seam but I've been putting it off
5. Sew snaps on shoes, finish up some other projects.
6. Complete yesasia order. I've had one put together for several weeks, but every time I make an order someone makes a post about this great book they bought and I want that one as well. So I've been waiting, but so far have nothing to add. It's probably better to make small monthly orders instead of one big huge one anyway.

Man, I need to get back in a routine of studying Japanese, I've really been slacking again. Watching lots of dramas though, that counts, doesn't it!


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