Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I've been reading quite a few posts lately on why we blog, what we hoped to accomplish, and why we continue. Making Time posted a particularly relevant piece.

This blog, I really enjoy it. This is where I really hope I am sharing a lot with people. But there is a self-aggrandizing aspect of it. There are some high profile blogs I read, and part of me wants to be up there with them, the blog that everyone is writing about, posting links to, the blog with 30+ comments. I want to be famous! But my writing does tend to stick to a particular subject, I don't share a lot of my family life aside from a few comments. My first exposure to blogging was Livejournal, and while I do still keep up that journal, it does tend toward the sort of whiny angsty that people make fun of livejournal. And that's fine, I have a commmunity over there that supports my whiny angst. This blog I wanted to be a bit more professional, and as a result it might be a bit drier. I would like to find a balance between revealing a bit more of my personal life on this blog while continuing with the crafty bits I enjoy sharing. Such as why I am still awake blogging at 3AM since FINALLY my daughter has fallen asleep on the couch. And why I have no energy the next day because I was up like an idiot until 3Am. That sort of thing. So stay tuned! Exciting crafty adventures to follow!


At 10:19 AM, August 15, 2006, Blogger June said...

I think blogs are expressions of unique individualities. As such, I think your blog is uniquely you and I'm enjoying reading it.

At 4:25 PM, June 08, 2007, Anonymous heather said...

for those who can blog brilliant posts and take gorgeous photos everyday, more power to them! but i don't know how they do it.

i was blogging so much, i was spending hours and hours each week researching posts, keeping up on blogs, trying to come up with new things all the time. it was hard to keep posting on Whipup.net, (a site I love) and also maintain my own site and still keep the 1.5 jobs I had, and socialize, cook and be a good doobie all on top of it-- and my crochet hooks were rusting!

I took a nice long break and enjoyed it. I should have said good bye tho. Alas. I always said- Oh next week I'll post something....

Alas! I'm just getting back online with some free time now, and making my rounds.

Thanks for the link to my site! You look like you're doing very well!!


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