Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Fossa

As I have been telling my Ivy/fossa story to folks, I am realizing not everyone knows what a fossa is. It's actually a rather obscure animal that lives on the island of Madagascar, if you have seen the movie Madagascar, they do appear only they are referred to as Foosas.

Last year Brian found a little hooded one piece sweatsuit for Ivy at the thrift shop, it had cat ears and a tail, as well as a little button you could push so it would meow. Miranda was immensely envious. Not only that, but cats were her thing and she didn't want her little sister edging in on her territory. So she told Ivy the suit was a fossa suit, since fossas look very much like cats. Ivy was fine with this, and gradually Miranda was able to convince her that she does in fact love fossas. So now she pretends she is a fossa, which confuses people who think she is saying Mufasa from the Lion King. And then they think she is this rather bright child who knows all about fossas when she explains to them that it's a fierce carnivore mongoose from Madagascar. And that's the definition of the fossa, as well as their history in our family.


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