Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I've got about fifteen different projects going on right now. A pile of amigurumi toys for the website, several toddler size backpacks, also for the website, and a pair of pajamas for each of the girls. I also need to make a baby kimono for my sister-in-law's shower, and some Christmas present clothes for the girls build-a-bear stuffed animals. I'd also like to make Ivy a new Christmas dress with my new Japanese craft book.

We are looking at new houses, we'd like to buy one before the New Year. We're looking for something bigger than the house we are currently renting, so among other things I can have my own craft room. So maybe we can start actually eating meals at the dining room table again. The process of looking at houses is exhausting, though. I'm inclined to just take the first one that looks good, although that's probably not the best way to do it.

I just finished watching Odoru Daisousasen, which was more of a comedy, I was hoping for more of a thriller, but I still enjoyed it. Now I am watching Rondo, which is a little confusing. The subtitles are very poorly done as well, which adds to my confusion. But it's a good way to pass time while crocheting or embroidering.


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