Thursday, December 21, 2006

Settling In

We are about 80% unpacked and I am pretty much burned out. Last night we decorated the tree--there is a curved bay window so you can see the tree from the street, I really love that. Today I made gingerbread cookies with the girls, and oh man, it's so much easier in a decent sized kitchen. We have enough counter space that both girls could get a stool and have an area to roll out dough and cut out cookies. It was marvelous. I never used to really enjoy baking with the girls and felt like a poor unschooling mom as a result (teach them math by baking and all that) but I am looking forward to trying to do a lot more baking and cooking with them. Mostly now we are waiting for the third floor to be done (was supposed to be done a week ago, mutter mutter). The big deal about the third floor is that it's going to be Brian's office so while it's inconvenient to have all his office stuff piled up around the living room, as well as everything that's going to be stored up there, it's even harder for him to have to work from the dining room.

We did get a new digital camera, once I figure out how to use it and post pictures (takes me awhile to figure out new stuff) I will show you all my lovely new home. I'm really happy to be here, this is the sort of old home I've always wanted.


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