Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jo-Ann Fabrics has a sale this weekend on calico, 50% off. I just spent 45 minutes ironing all my freshly washed, newly purchased fabric...This time I did buy quite a bit with actual projects in mind, rather than my usual stocking up because "it's such a good price". So, I solemnly swear I will not buy any more fabric until I have completed the following:

1. Two kimono jackets for my Etsy website
2. Ivy has requested a kimono for both her Hello Kitty doll and herself. I am going to use this book. As long as I get the measurements correct it doesn't appear to be too difficult, everything is constructed from long strips of cloth. Although I've already discovered that Hello Kitty's needs to be altered to accomodate her non-human proportions. When will I learn to make a muslin mock-up first when I am trying to draft my own patterns?

That should be enough to keep me busy for a bit. Joann's has really started getting some great stuff in stock.
This is for Ivy's kimono

Not sure what these will be for, maybe spring clothes for Ivy

This really cracked me up when I found it, so I bought a yard. But then when I got it home and looked it up, the description said "dogs in Chinatown". The writing is clearly Japanese, although with the little I know it's pretty much gibberish. I feel a little annoyed with myself, maybe because it's the sort of thing marketed towards someone who has no knowledge of Chinese or Japanese and wouldn't be able to tell it apart, and just buys the stuff becasue it's cool. But that's kind of why I bought it anyway, I suppose 8-)


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