Saturday, December 30, 2006

I keep composing mental posts, but never find time to actually type them up. Christmas seemed as though it was over even quicker than ever this year, we already took down the tree--the needles were really dry and I was worried about burning down our house after living in for only two weeks.

Having my own sewing room is just wonderful. As soon as I figure out how to use our new camera I will post pictures, but I am notoriously slow in such endeavors. I figure the longer I take, the more finished all the rooms will be. I've got a huge list of projects, among them curtains for the kitchen and birthday gifts for Ivy. I also got a good book on wetfelting and want to try again at making little boots.

My 40th birthday is coming up in January. I've alternated between feeling elated and panicky. At this point I am kind of ambivelent. I would like to buy myself this miniature Re-ment Pucchi Elementary School set --look at the miniature Kanji books! And the bento box! But it seems a lot of money to spend on something that really is rather useless.

This weekend we just have to clean the old place and hopefully get at least some of our security deposit back. I think we took fairly good care of the place, but there are a few small holes in the plaster where I used the wrong stuff to hang pictures and one other hole where Miranda was swinging her foot while sitting at her desk. So I guess we just do our best cleaning and wait and see. Maybe the landlord will feel the work I did putting in an herb garden and clearing the yard is an even trade.


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