Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And even more Yesasia

I am so glad these books arrived before our change of address took effect, I'm too impatient for any delays. And this time the shipping was super quick, considering I always choose the free shipping option.

Needle and wet felting book. I saw this for sale on a US based website for 20.00. As a former bookdealer I understand mark-ups, but I was very glad to find it at Yesasia for 5.49. It's a rather small book, only 9 projects but a nice variety. ISBN 4834763994

I really love these Kuri Kuri books. Not only are there fun projects but links to some great Japanese websites. ISBN 4576052063

Another bento book. This one has wonderful kids bentos and detailed instructions on making the food and arranging it. ISBN 4834722473

Supposedly the big moving day is Saturday. One of the good things about doing your own moving is you can pack in a rather haphazard fashion so I am off to toss items into boxes.


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