Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm here in the new house, typing on my husband's laptop since my computer hasn't been setup yet. I haven't been online since last Tuesday. Miss me? I'm really tired and have a bad cold, as well as drinking a glass of celebratory champagne, so this might not make much sense. I've got a lot unpacked already--I would love to have everything done by Christmas, but that might be a bit ambitious.

The actual moving day went fairly well. There was about an hour where we were worried that no one was going to show up to help, and then my two nephews, one of their friends and my sister's boyfriend arrived. I am forever indebted to them, because otherwise it would have been me, Brian, his dad and one of Brian's friend who couldn't make it until later. We did everything in one load and I cooked a huge pot of chili for everyone.

The third floor still isn't done yet, so all of Brian's office stuff is downstairs, as well as quite a few boxes we were going to store up there. I am hoping they will be done soon, they were supposed to finish last weekend. But we can tell stuff is getting worked on, they are here every day--they were even here for a bit today and it's Sunday. So hoping it won't be much longer.
Tomorrow I am going to take the girls to see Charlotte's Web and then do some grocery shopping. I am selfishly hoping that the public school kids aren't on Christmas holiday yet so that there won't be too many people at the theatre.

The house is fabulous, I can finally be excited about it. I've always wanted to live in a house like this. The kitchen has so many cabinets, I still have a few empty ones. And we have a brand new hot water tank--the sellers had bought a year of home warranty, and the real estate company matched it with another year. Last week Brian was at the house doing some work, went to the basement to wash up and found a puddle of water by the hot water tank. Panicked, and then remembered the warranty. There's a 50.00 deductible, so fifty dollars later, we had a new hot water tank. Now I am going to have to be careful taking showers--at the other house, sometimes I would shower until the hot water ran out since it didn't take long. Here there seems to be hot water forever.

We are supposed to be getting a new camera soon, so I will post pictures of everything, especially my new craft room. I think we have a pussy willow tree in the front yard, I can't really tell because it's winter but it's been warm enough to have a few buds that look right. There are a few small trees on the side of the porch that are bare so I can't identify them--it's probably to much to hope for that they are lilacs. The backyard I swear has years of accumulated leaves on the ground, there are three big oak trees back there. I found a few acorns and snuck them on Ivy's window sill and now she thinks Totoro put them there.


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