Friday, October 07, 2005

Now that the weather is cooler I am more motivated to knit and just create things in general. My sewing machine is in the dining room which really gets hot and stuffy, and running a fan just blows everything around.

This was for a friend's birthday. I was particularly proud as initially I was contemplating skipping the party since I didn't have money for a gift. It's Lamb's Pride Bulky on no. 13 needles, with a bit of recycled silk in the stripe. It's just a simple tote bag, took maybe 3 days to complete.

This is my first attempt with the felting needles I bought months ago. It's supposed to be a snow leopard, but I think the face looks more like a bear. I made a sort of skeleton out of pipe cleaners and wrapped the wool around it. I only poked my fingers a few times, not too bad.

This is a sweater for Ivy. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted--the sweater is from an unraveled sweater, and I had thought there was a rather high wool content, so my plan was to full it slightly to make it a bit heavier, and consequently smaller. But 4 trips through the washer and several times through the dryer did nothing. I am certain if I had kept the sweater to wear rather than unraveling it, eventually I would have accidently tossed it in the washer and it would have shrunk then. Oh well.

This one is for Miranda, it's huge as well. I just worry I am going to put all this time into a sweater and have them outgrow it in three months. So she should be able to wear it for a while...It's pink and fuzzy and warm so she is happy with it. It's made from a lot of scrap yarn I had around from a sale at the Ohio Knitting Mills. Trying not to buy any new yarn for a while, I have plenty. It's just not new yarn and everyone knows that is much more exciting.