Friday, December 16, 2005

Busy finishing up Christmas presents

Nekomimi dolls made using this website:

The one in the Chinese outfit is for Miranda, she is a black cat. The one in the kimono is a gray fox, and she is for Ivy. The flash caught their faces and it's hard to see the details. Ivy's is wearing a kimono with a hanten over it, and has yellow tabi on her feet.

Hat, gloves and slippers for Miranda. The fabric is pink fun fur with bits of silver, you can't see the silver very well

The applique on the front is the Monkey King. This is for Ivy. I like making hooded shirts because I don't have to struggle with the facing for the collar.

This is for Miranda, it's from rather shiny pink velour, the cat on the front is called Maneki Neko. You see her in shops beckoning either money or good luck into the store.

You can't see the wolf ears very well on this. It's just a gray sweatshirt from the thrift shop with furry ears and a patch to hide the applique that was on the front.