Friday, June 24, 2005

This embroidery is beautiful

It was created by Spillyjane who makes all sorts of wonderful things. I have some shisha mirrors that I have been wanted to create something with, this looks like good inspiration.

I sat up last night with Miranda, watching Shrek 2 and making earrings

I used to love wearring dangly earrings, but stopped bothering for a while and just wore my little hoops all the time.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I finished my submission for A Month of Softies. She's a little bug named June. She's hanging out in the nasturtiums because she likes the peppery taste. I made her from felt with mohair braids and a dress out of a vintage pillow case.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I am really pleased how my skull dress turned out.

detail from the bodice

detail from the hem

I also finished a dark blue dress with stars and moons, but I really am not happy with it. The designs look sloppy and the color washed out quite a bit. I am thinking of redying the whole thing and stamping designs, since that is a technique I wanted to try out as well.

This is a dress I picked up at a garage sale for Ivy, it was originally white.

I would like it better if I had crackled the waxed designs more, but it's okay.

Friday, June 17, 2005

My computer had major surgery and is now working again.

Finished the dress for Ivy with the crocheted bodice and fabric skirt. The bodice is a bit heavy and tends to pull out of shape somewhat when she is wearing it, but not much and it looks pretty on her:

This is a top and shorts for Miranda. I lined the top because I just can't get interfacings to lie properly, they always twist and pucker.

I haven't quite finished this sundress for Ivy. Not sure I like the fabric combinations, but it's certainly bright.

These are some stuffies from my Japanese craft books

I found this website through another online community, everything is gorgeous. I really love the shawls.


The laminated felt process is explained here:


More projects!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My computer suffered an untimely death earlier this week. I am on my daughter's computer but unable to access any pictures, which makes for a rather dull post.

About a year ago I started picking up vintage aprons at the thrift shop with the idea that I would somehow transform them into other clothing, but I couldn't bring myself to cut them up. Lately it seems aprons have become a popular item, and Amy at Angry Chicken has started Tie One On, a monthly apron show and tell. Between this and the Junebug theme at A Month of Softies I should have plenty to keep me procrastinating over my step-outs for the DIY show.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I finished my batik dresses. Mine actually turned out the best, but it needs some altering--it's too long and a little big, the catalog warned that the clothing would shrink but this didn't seem to that much. Overall I am pleased with this being my first time. One problem I had was planning the colors, my overdyes were lighter than I intended, and the underdyes showed through. This created a variation of color which is actually very pretty. I am enjoying the accidental processes that can result with batik, it can a forgiving medium that allows for happy errors.

Initially I was worried that Miranda's dress would be too dark with the underdye, but it faded quite a bit--I am not sure why. The overdye is a lovely bright pink. The design is supposed to be a snow leopard. It was going to be a cougar but I made the tail a little too thick.

The colors in Ivy's turned out very nice, but I am afraid it looks a little cluttered.

Pictures of my dress are forthcoming once I finish the alterations.

I went to the thrift shop today and picked up three hippie peasant blouses, the kind with an Indian print, thin fabric. I have been secretly wanting some clothes like these. I also got some pillowcases with this fabric

I normally don't go for cute fabric, but something about this was appealing, I think it reminded me of some of the things Hillary posts at Wee Wonderfuls. Not sure yet what I will do with it, just goes into the immense stash box(es)