Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Domain

My domain renewal problems became exasperating, and I decided to just let the name expire--I wasn't that attached to it, and it was going to cost money to get it sorted. I do want to get a new domain--not only did I use it to sell, but also let my daughters create their own webpages, for Miranda it was a rather important part of her homeschooling portfolio. I do have to figure out how to resolve not having any pictures showing on my blog--it makes for rather uninteresting reading when I just tell you about the things I am working on. I guess I can post photos I have hosted at Flickr? I don't know why things like this frustrate me so easily--I can read a book and absorb the information fine, but sometimes I seem to have such difficulties understanding written directions. Flickr can be confusing for me--and what's ridiculous is that I can write my own HTML code by hand, that doesn't confuse me, but directions on a website where countless people have been able to figure it out has me baffled.

Kat at One Life To Knit sent me this link to a website where you can print out wonderful paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera.

The Toymaker

Friday, May 19, 2006

Crumbs. I transferred my domain name to a registration that was cheaper than my old one, but apparently didn't complete the last crucial step of verification, so today my website went down, I have no email and none of my pictures are showing online. I was able to sort things out by phone, but it will probably take until Monday before everything is back to normal.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monkey dress and Kappa smock

Dress for Ivy from the Aranzi monkey fabric:

Not sure how I feel about the color combinations, it doesn't seem very summery now that I have sewn it up. I was so eager to get started on working with the new fabric. When I bought it I had envisioned a dress in shades of brown, but--I don't know. It wouldn't be too awful to redo the skirt if I really decide I dislike it. The bodice is lined because I can never get interfacings to lie flat. It still needs to be hemmed, but I've been kind of flu-ey and achey all day and the girls aren't feeling well, so think I will put it off until I feel better--hoping tomorrow.

Kappa smock for Miranda. It looks big, but she likes her clothes loose and baggy so I think it will be okay.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Aranzi Aronzo

I treated myself to a few things from Aranzi Aronzo It turned into a rather extravagant treat, as I made the purchase late at night, didn't read the fine print carefully, and ended up paying for express shipping from Japan, which was almost as much as what I bought. Still, it was a bit nice to get my stuff less than a week after I ordered it. However, next time I am going for the cheap shipping.

I bought little containers for snacks--monkey, cat and Kapppa

as well as fabric in the same monkey, cat, kappa theme

The kappa is a mythological creature in Japan. He lives in rivers and loves cucumbers. Long ago he was a more frightening creature used to warn children to stay away from rivers, where they might drown--legend had it the kappa would pull your liver out your anus (which my seven-year-old delights in explaining to people). Nowadays, he is a little more benevolent.

I am not sure what I am going to do with the fabric, but I feel I need to so something soon to justify the purchase. There is only a meter of each. Miranda wanted me to make a stuffed toy, but I politely informed her that since this fabric was a bit of a present to myself, I got to choose the use. So I probably should come up with something.

The monkey fabric in this quilt looks similar to the fabric I made Ivy's birthday dress out of, but I don't think I have any leftovers. I wonder if the kappa or cat fabric would work. That quilt square is wonderful, it looks as though he is sitting in a window. I am not sure about my ambitions with regards to an entire quilt, but as a block on the yoke of a jumper, I think it would be cool.

A fabulous assortment of free patterns. They are in Japanese, but seem pretty easy to figure out.